evo christmas gift sets

Oct 15, 2021

Evo Fabuloso Products

evo gift sets are the perfect presents to give to your loved ones for christmas. we have so many different sets to choose from and different gifts for certain hair types. here at evo we want to make sure to always give our customers the best products, prices, and promotions.

we have two gift sets perfect for salons to help them stock up for the busy christmas season. dare to repair and thirst quencher are our two larger gift sets. dare to repair includes: 1lt ritual salvation shampoo, 1lt ritual salvation conditioner, 1lt mane attention protein treatment, and 2 FREE retail sizes of ritual salvation shampoo and conditioner 300ml, and 2 FREE travel sizes of mane attention protein mask 30ml. all of this for only £78.50/€81+VAT.

thirst quencher includes: 1lt therapist shampoo, 1lt therapist conditioner, and 1lt the great hydrator moisture mask, and 2 FREE retail sizes of therapist shampoo and conditioner 300ml, and 2 FREE travel sizes of the great hydrator mask 30ml. also for £78.50/€81+VAT. you do not want to miss these offers, the money you save in these gift sets are incredible.

spray it ain’t so is the perfect gift set for those with colour-treated, weak, or brittle hair. it includes: ritual salvation shampoo 300ml, water killer dry shampoo 200ml, and a FREE ritual salvation conditioner. for only £38/€40 you will not get a price like this again for these products.

for all you blonde haired people the whip it away gift set is perfect for you. it includes: fabuloso platinum toning shampoo 250ml, fabuloso platinum blonde boosting treatment 220ml, and a FREE whip it good moisture mousse for only £45/€52. these three perfects work beautifully together to maintain your coloured hair whilst providing volume and moisture.