evo hue-verse is a complete range of ammonia-free permanent colour and demi-permanent gloss that provides out-of-this-world performance without compromise.

we searched high… we searched low… we went to the ends of the earth. what we were looking for didn’t exist. so we went to the extreme. we dispelled the theories… we forged a new frontier… we spent years creating something out-of-this world… a space… a place… a cosmos… of performance-giving, truth-speaking colour.



we’re here to empower colourists with a complete colour portfolio that doesn’t contain imaginary technologies, hyped-up ingredients or over-complicated systems, only hardworking formulas that offer...

  • complete coverage
  • long-lasting results
  • superior condition
  • out-of-this-world shine
  • unique viscosity
  • less sensitivity
  • simplicity

squeaky clean

we believe in creating honest products that respect people and the planet. we left the bad stuff out and put more clean stuff in because it’s the right thing to do and it didn’t compromise on performance →

what's out

  • ammonia
  • ppd
  • resorcinol

what's in

  • organic oils
  • allergen-free fragrance
  • vegan + cruelty-free

permanent colour

a full spectrum of 85 cream-based ammonia-free shades that provide complete coverage, controlled lightening and long-lasting results.

demi-permanent gloss

48 zero-lift, liquid shades that provide vibrant and even, tone-on-tone results and out-of-this-world shine.

cream + liquid developers

specifically formulated to provide maximum performance, condition and shine when used across the hue-verse and bottle blonde portfolios.

permanent colour


  • free from ammonia, ppd and resorcinol
  • complete white hair coverage
  • vibrant, uniform and long-lasting results
  • up to 4 levels of lift
  • unique viscosity for superior adhesion
  • low levels of allergen-free fragrance
  • perfectly complimented by demi-permanent gloss shades
  • 100ml tube
  • 1:1.5 mixing ratio
demi-permanent gloss


  • free from ammonia, ppd and resorcinol
  • even and vibrant tone-on-tone results
  • zero-lift, acidic formula doesn’t break the base
  • adjustable viscosity for easy application
  • blends greys
  • low levels of allergen-free fragrance
  • perfectly compliments permanent shades
  • 60ml bottle + 350ml clear
  • 1:1 mixing ratio
cream + liquid developers


  • cream developers provide creamy and thick viscosity for superior adhesion
  • liquid developer provides quick and easy bottle application with epic shine
  • yellow chamomile + plant-derived glycerine improves condition and shine
  • cream: 6.5 vol (1.95%), 10 vol (3%), 20 vol (6%), 30 vol (9%), 40 vol (12%)
  • liquid: 6.5 vol (1.95%)
  • 1000ml bottle
hue-verse is colourist made and colourist understood… it’s less about the blah blah and more about being easy to use and simple to master.

  • one complete system
  • complimentary permanent and demi-permanent colours
  • compact, carefully created range